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Year End Processing in Sage 100: 4 Tips for Success

By Tom Wahlquist on Jan 19, 2021 at 06:58 PM in Sage 100cloud Newsletter

Here are just a few tips to keep in mind as you begin year-end processing in Sage 100.

  1. General Ledger Closing - While it’s a good idea to close modules in a timely fashion, the General Ledger can remain open for as long as you need while awaiting final processing (or audit adjustments) in other modules. A GL that’s still open for 2019 will NOT prevent you from entering transactions for the new year. 

  2. Payroll Planning - Even if your company is on a fiscal year, you may need to close out payroll at the end of the calendar year. On older versions of Sage 100 Payroll, all W-2’s and quarterly reports must be printed before payroll is closed in order to process the first payroll for 2021.

    NOTE: This does NOT apply to the new Payroll 2.0 module which allows two calendar years to be open so you don't have to run year-end tax reports and W-2's before processing payroll for 2021 (as was required with the old payroll module).

  3. Check Your Version Number - Closing procedures can vary depending on which version of Sage 100 you’re running. Here are steps to identify both your version number and service pack: 

    Select Help > About Sage 100

  4. Master Console - Once you’re ready to close, you need to make sure all users are out of the system. That’s where the Master Console comes in handy. This utility provides a snapshot of all users currently logged into Sage 100, the workstation being used, what programs/tasks they’re using, and more. You can also broadcast a message to all users or even shut them down remotely.

    To launch the Master Console:
    Select File > Master Console

Contact us if you have questions about Sage 100 or Sage 100cloud year-end processing.

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