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Sage 100 Supported Versions Update

By MeLinda Matsumoto on Dec 26, 2019 at 12:09 PM in Sage 100cloud Newsletter

What versions of Sage 100 are currently supported?

What is the “end of life” date for the Sage 100 version I’m running now?

Those questions are answered in the table and notes below:

SAGE 100

2019 (6.10)

Payroll 2.0

2018 (6.0)

Payroll 2.0

2017 (5.40)

Release Date

April 2019

Oct 2017

Oct 2016

End of Support (Retirement)

Release Date of Version 2022

Release Date of Version 2021

Release Date of Version 2020

Important Notes:

December 2019 will be the last IRD and January 2020 will be the last TTU for Sage 100 2017. Due to changes that impact the 2020 payroll tax year, the IRS released a new Form W-4. Version 2017 & earlier will not support the additional fields necessary to correctly calculate federal withholding taxes.  Sage reserves the right to determine if and when Product Updates and Hot Fixes will be issued.  Retired versions have limited support.

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Contact us if you have questions about the current supported versions of Sage 100 or Sage 100cloud or if you need support for older versions.

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