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Sage 100 Payroll Update and Enhancements

By MeLinda Matsumoto on Aug 29, 2019 at 01:41 PM in Sage 100cloud Newsletter

Here's a look at what's included in the newest Sage 100 Payroll 2.19.3.

When Sage 100 Payroll 2.0 was released in 2018, it was totally reā€imagined in order to align with the larger vision for Sage 100cloud. Building on the momentum of adding more than 100 enhancements since the original release of Sage 100 Payroll 2.0, here's a look at what's included in the newest Sage 100 Payroll 2.19.3.

'Other' Tax Deduction Tracking

Until now, ‘Other’ tax deductions have been bucketed under state tax and could only be recorded in a single GL account. This usually meant having to maintain separate spreadsheets to track state and other taxes. Sage 100 Payroll 2.19.3 now adds the ability to track these in separate GL accounts, so they appear in separate items.

Employer Contribution Reporting

Recent tax law changes require employer contributions be considered part of an employee’s total compensation. In response, Sage 100 Payroll now allows contribution expense account entry for employer contribution deductions and prints deductions on checks and direct deposit.

Check Reversals

Sage 100 Payroll now allows the lookup and reversal of any checks outside the current quarter which creates better consistency in historical reporting.

Pension Plan Reporting

The Pension Plan History report was replaced with a new Pension Profit Sharing report.

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