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Get Your Step-by-Step Guide to Moving Beyond ERP with Business Management Solutions

By Tom Wahlquist on May 09, 2018 at 02:37 PM in ERP
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Sorry to say it, but ERP’s reputation is damaged. Though most ERP implementations go smoothly, and most ERP systems do what they’re supposed to do, many companies feel that their ERP is a bad value. Here at Walpole, we feel that you should never get a bad value in your business. 

Since ERP is such a huge investment, it’s important to know your options. That’s why, today, we’re talking about the new, top alternative to ERP. It’s called a Business Management Solution, and it’s making waves in the manufacturing and distribution worlds. 

What’s a Business Management Solution?

With the rise of the Internet and cloud-based applications, both business owners and their employees have grown used to competing tasks at record speeds. Instead of sending snail mail or playing phone tag, workers now send emails, texts, and chat messages to ensure fast, reliable communication. Instead of relying on paper-based records that take up space and are prone to misfiling, companies are now choosing to go paperless, so they always have the instant information they need at their fingertips. 

Similarly, instead of choosing inflexible, antiquated ERP systems that haven’t kept up with the times, business leaders are now selecting fast, integrated business software suites that collect, analyze, and deliver data in real-time. 

These new, real-time suites are called Business Management Solutions – and they’re changing the way the world conducts business. 

Business Management Solutions typically consist of a basic core system with a wide range of easy-to-implement configuration options. Each configuration possibility is tightly integrated with the core solution and all the other integrations, which means thatnot only do you get to build your own perfect mix-and-match system, you can also tweak it whenever you want. 

Although relatively new to the market, Business Management Solutions have already built up a strong reputation as being faster, more streamlined, and more flexible than their ERP predecessors. The businesses that use these solutions are also faster, more streamlined, and more flexible than ever before – with the ability to pivot on a moment’s notice without a cumbersome software system holding them back.

Business Management Solutions truly are a game changer. 

Choosing the Right System Is Key

Since these new, leaner solutions have the potential to significantly cut your costs and boost workplace productivity, it’s important that you find the right system for you. If you don’t put in the effort to find the right system, you’ll likely end up with another long-term software failure… and, as we said earlier, here at Walpole, we can’t recommend doing something that’s a bad business value. 

To find your perfect system, you’ll need careful understanding of your needs, as well as in-depth knowledge about which Business Management Solutions can best meet those needs in your industry or classification. 

If you’re excited to start fresh and move beyond ERP, but you don’t know how to get going, Walpole is here to help. 

Learn how to choose the right solution and vendor in the newest white paper from Walpole, “Business Management Solutions: Getting It Right the First Time.” 

In the white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Your #1 priority when choosing your new, modern solution
  • How to ensure your deadlines stay on track while you’re looking… and beyond
  • The best way to prepare for a smooth, quick implementation
  • 4 criteria you must know about your Business Management Solution consultants
  • Where and how to meet consultants and determine your options

You’ll also get a handy checklist you can use to determine your goals and objectives for your new solution. 


Download the white paper, “Business Management Solutions: Getting It Right the First Time” so you can learn more about these cutting-edge systems and get your step-by-step guide to choosing one. 

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