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Zaniar Alvarez Ghonchehei

Software Developer

Zaniar Alvarez Ghonchehei-1

Zaniar was born and raised in Saghez, Iran. He earned his BS in Computer Engineering from the University College of Nabi Akram before working for 3 years in Erbil, Iraq. In 2014 Zaniar moved to the United States and was then hired as our acclaimed in-house web developer and software programmer, with additional expertise in graphic design. Many of our clients consistently attest to his talent by virtue of custom applications, customer portals, and other integrations that he’s created. Zaniar's personal interests follow the trend with his IT expertise that can be referred to as “art,” he likes time spent woodworking, gardening, and playing music on the tar or setar.

“Before Walpole, we never truly knew how much our products were costing us. As it turns out, there were some products that weren’t profitable and others that actually cost us money to sell. Needless to say, we’ve made the adjustments.” “I’ve recommended them multiple times and will continue. They are a great company to work with.”
Aaron Gaston (Vice President)