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Kirk Stovesand



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While still in college, Kirk Stovesand started working for the company which grew into Walpole & Co., LLP. That combination of work and study continued once he joined the company as a full-time employee (and later, a partner). His solid knowledge and innovative insight are sought after by clients and colleagues alike.

Among his accomplishments, Kirk earned a BA in Business Economics from UCSB, a Master in Taxation from Golden Gate University, a Master Certificate in Global Business Management from George Washington University. Kirk is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner and a Personal Financial Specialist.

Kirk’s interest in finance and financial planning issues facing his clients was a main driver in the creation of Walpole Financial Advisors, LLC (see Our Story ). He helps clients explore their financial options and focuses his time on clients’ major concerns. In addition to his involvement with this company, Kirk is a Board Member for a local bank.

Kirk, his wife Donna live in Santa Barbara with their two sons, Marlon and Spencer, where they enjoy the laid back atmosphere.

“Walpole & Co. introduced us to things we didn’t know were possible, saving us time, energy and money. The next time software and IT challenges sound the alarm, Walpole will be our first call.”
Linda Nash
North American Fire Hose Corporation