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New Enhancements To Move your Business Forward

By Tom Wahlquist on Jan 28, 2015 at 12:12 AM in Walpole News
New Enhancements To Move your Business Forward

With over 60 enhancements, there’s something for everyone in the Sage 100 ERP 2015 release. Whether it’s to streamline workflows, improve usability, or provide more control and security, we’ve worked hard to match your business processes and priorities. Below are just some of what’s new and exciting.

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Increase productivity | Streamline workflow and processes | Enhance control and security


Enhancements to General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Bank Reconciliation

  • Automated one-click GL reversal capability reverses accruals, estimates, errors, or temporary adjustments and classifications.
  • Save time by sorting by multiple columns using the new sort column button. Working in bank reconciliation, cash receipts, A/P, and vendor transfer invoices has never been easier.
  • Out-of-balance notifications now appear on the GL Detail Report and GL Detail by Source Report when GL detail is out of balance. There is now an option to print full comments in journals/registers and set this option to default.
  • Enhanced sort and selection options now appear in Audit Reports for Item, Vendor, Account, and Customer Audit Reports.
  • Expanded vendor names to 50 characters supports printing checks and creating professional vendor-facing materials because the complete vendor name will nearly always fit.
  • Purchase vendor transfers are now open to all vendors and can be used to perform transfers on invoices for credit card vendors. Save time by combining invoices to create one invoice for each credit card vendor.

Payment processing

  • Improved the preauthorization process by providing the ability to run
    a second preauthorization after the first expires.
  • Level 3 credit card processing reduces fees and creates savings that can be passed on to vendors. Choose a Level 3 payment type for corporate credit card orders to transmit Level 3 data on transactions.


  • Retain purchase order history, including the option to convert all companies or ones selected when creating history. New reports for purchase order history are now available as well.
  • Ordering is faster and easier—especially when generating large purchase orders—by using the easy copy from feature.
  • Users no longer manually key every PO into the system.
  • PO history inquiries make it easy to locate purchase orders that coincide with a sales order, typically a manual process.
  • Prompt for entry of a cancellation code to easily track why vendor orders are not completed.
  • Additional vendor memo button has been added to the frame to make it easy to access to notes on a vendor during purchasing.

Paperless Office

  • Along with an updated version of the Amyuni printer driver, reports
    now allow direct access to the paperless office viewer, including
    printing tasks for RMA forms. Printing tasks for nearly 20 reports
    previously not available are now included.

Enhanced reporting

  • An updated version of Sage Intelligence available through Sage 100 ERP provides improved performance, reporting capabilities, and updated templates.
  • Features include a new Report Designer that provides two methods for designing layouts in one report, one-click access to report layouts, new folder and report structure in Report Manager, a new tool to identify missing accounts, and support of a larger set of account separators as well as alphanumeric characters in General Ledger account numbers.

Affordable Care Act

Specific enhancements were made to the Sage 100 ERP Payroll module to support Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements.

  • A new Applicable Large Employee (ALE) report helps determine if a firm is required to report in 2016. Include or exclude seasonal employees and run the report on all of employees or a subset.
  • ACA employee maintenance and ACA employer maintenance make it easy to enter and track the data required for reporting. 
  • Streamline and automate report submission to the IRS and form delivery to employees. 

Control, usability, and security 

  • New custom UI scripting options help provide increased control over the system and eliminate user error during entry. 
  • Color coding companies minimizes the risk of entering data in the wrong company. Differentiate between test/demo and “real” companies by frame border or body color. 
  • Additional Role Maintenance module options allow more control on who has access to export valuable business data. 

Sage CRM 

  • We’ve significantly improved sales processes and the Sage CRM 7.3 integration to Sage 100 ERP, including direct access to Return Material Authorization (RMA) entry from company, the ability to promote quote to order from Sage CRM quote summary screen, and the option to print orders or quotes from quick order entry to any printer on your network.
  • Customers on Sage 100 ERP Advanced or Premium Editions no longer need to run workstation setup to access maintain relationships in Sage CRM 7.3.

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