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What’s New: Sage 100 2016

By Tom Wahlquist on Apr 27, 2016 at 11:50 PM in Walpole News
What�s new: Sage 100 2016

By upgrading to the Sage 100 2016 release, you can leverage upgraded features and enhancements that make running your business easier. Sage 100 2016 includes over 20 enhancements to help you stay compliant, more easily enter data, set preferences, print or customize reports, and automate sales order expiration dates. New this year, you have a
choice to move to a premium version, Sage 100c, which provides you with a simplified user experience and shortens your learning curve.

Be compliant with new Affordable Care Act requirements 

With Sage 100 2016, you can ensure your company is meeting new requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Learn more about the Affordable Care Act.

New enhancements for ACA compliance include:

  • Change Period End processing to retain ACA records and terminated employees until the purging of Perpetual Payroll History.
  • Store Employee/Employer data for 1094 and 1099B/C forms.
  • Transmit ACA data to Aatrix via .AUF for 1094/1095-B/C compliance.
  • Apply Employee Maintenance Sort field data to .AUF file to allow for sorting of W-2s with Aatrix.
  • Select whether to use the 1094 or 1095 forms when printing forms in Federal eFiling and Reporting.
  • Enter values in the new Policy Origin Code field to print on Form 1095-B in part I, field 8 when printing forms in Federal eFiling and Reporting.
  • Select the following check boxes on Form 1094-C in Part II, section 22 when printing forms in Federal eFiling and Reporting:
    • Qualifying Offer Method
    • Qualifying Offer Method Transition Relief
    • Section 4980H Transition Relief
    • 98% Offer Method

Outsource your payroll so you can focus on your business

Whether you’re looking for a full-service payroll solution or you want a better experience than you have with your current provider, Sage 100 2016 offers enhanced integration with Sage Payroll Services so you can upload general ledger account numbers and bank codes to Sage
Payroll Services and easily download payroll transactions back into Transaction Journal Entry.

As a Sage Payroll customer, you’ll enjoy truly personalized attention from our customer service experts. Learn more about Sage Payroll Services. 

What is Sage 100c?

Sage 100c offers you all the 2016 release enhancements plus a modernized user interface, designed to shorten your learning curve. It provides improved navigation, customizable desktop themes, and more:

  • Easier navigation
    Change fonts on the desktop and task window, customize desktop themes, and color schemes.
  • Persistent web content
    Easily get to commonly used websites and activate services like Sage Payment Solutions and Sage Payroll Services.
  • Personalization and security
    Individual users can change colors and themes, while accessing only the
    information they are authorized to see.
  • Application scaling
    Change the resolution of your screen to fit properly on high-definition screens.
  • Business Insights Dashboard
    Improved access to the Business Insights Dashboard, which has been given a modernized look.

Save time with easy-to-use data entry, and preference

Sage 100 2016 includes enhancements that will simplify everyday tasks:

  • Add and print extended item descriptions for miscellaneous items.
  • Add extended item description for lines in the Accounts Receivable
    data entry and invoice entry tasks.
  • Set preferences using the new user settings window such as the
    default zoom level for previewing reports.
  • Choose whether or not to automatically insert decimal points
    when entering quantities.
  • Select whether you want to use the standard or classic desktop and—if you have the appropriate security setup—a theme for task windows.
  • Change desktop theme and options without the need for rights to
    library master tasks.
  • Allow for purchase order numbers of up to 30 characters with windows and tabs that expand accordingly.
  • Gain an easier way to correct documents that have been entered to the wrong batch or need to be moved.
  • Allow for greater security with an expanded 128-character password field in the SMTP email server.
  • Schedule the generation and printing of reports—and export and import data in Visual Integrator—using Task Scheduler.

Improved Accounts Payable reporting and printing

In Sage 100 2016, the Accounts Payable Aged Invoice Report window
now includes an Electronic Payment Vendors field so you can specify
whether vendors with the Electronic Payment check box selected in
Vendor Maintenance are:

  • Included on the aged invoice report.
  • Excluded from the report.
  • The only invoices printed on the report.

You can now specify whether the Accounts Payable Aged Invoice Report
will be printed in landscape view with an 8-point font size or in portrait
view with a 6-point font size, using a new Print Condensed check box.
This is also true for AP and AR Aged Invoice Reports.

Automate sales order expiration dates and simplify data entry

With Sage 100 2016, you can now choose a default period for expiration
of sales orders that will automatically be set or overridden and replaced
when needed.

The check number field in Sales Order Entry and Invoice Data Entry has
been expanded from 6 to 10 characters to allow for longer check numbers
when recording prepayments or deposits against pending orders.

Integration with the latest version of Sage CRM 

Get the real-time information you need to make more informed business decisions. Sage 100 now integrates seamlessly with Sage CRM 7.3, driving productivity, efficiency, growth, and profitability. 

New enhancements include: 

  • A fresh new look for managing important customer information in fewer clicks. 
  • Email marketing with MailChimp for sending campaigns to up to 2,000 customers a month for free. 
  • A new optimized experience and user interface for mobile devices. 
  • Added business insight with business accelerators for sales. 

Newly enhanced Sage Business Care plans 

Sage is offering three new Sage Business Care plans, which feature
more support options and discounts on services, events, and more—
as well as access to add-on solutions such as Sage Intelligence and
Sage CRM.

Depending upon the plan you choose, you’ll receive enhanced support from our customer support team including:

  • Access to customer support when and how you need it.
  • Discounts on training classes to help you learn more about your Sage software and train new employees.
  • Discount registration to Sage Summit, the largest small and medium business conference in the world, where you can network with companies just like yours and learn about the latest technology.

Along with enhanced support and discounts, your Sage Business Care plan now includes Sage add-on solutions to help you gain better business insight, manage customers, and enable your sales and marketing teams to win new business. 

For more information about Sage 100 2016, Sage 100c, or the new Sage Business Care plans, please contact Sage at 866-530-SAGE (7243).

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Regarding the Sage 100 installation and training, Mr. Zog adds, “ the help that the Walpole team members have provided was invaluable.”
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