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New Licensing for Sage Production Management

By MeLinda Matsumoto on Jul 02, 2019 at 05:09 PM in Sage 100cloud Newsletter

In a previous article, we introduced you to the new Sage Production Management which replaces the legacy Sage 100 Work Order module. Let’s take a look at the changes in your Sage 100 licensing that it will bring.

License Changes

Starting June 1, 2019, Work Order customers renewing their maintenance and support contract for Sage 100 perpetual will receive a $0 license for Sage Production Management in place of Work Order.  Maintenance and support (M&S) cost will vary depending on when your license is due for renewal.

If you’re a Sage 100cloud subscription customer, your Work Order subscription will be replaced with a subscription for Sage Production Management. Contact us with questions about pricing which is slightly different than Work Order.

What It Means Going Forward

Sage will continue supporting legacy Work Order and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) until March 2022.

So while you may choose to continue using legacy Work Order for a while, Sage has created a migration tool that ensures a smooth upgrade process, making it easy to take advantage of the new and enhanced functionality. 

In addition, a new MRP module that’s compatible with Sage Production Management is scheduled for release at the end of June 2019 for both Sage 100 perpetual and subscription customers.

Contact us with any questions about the changes in product features or licensing.

Please reach out if you any questions about the changes in Sage Production Management's features or licensing.

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