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Learn Why Inventory Optimization Matters & How to Achieve It

By Tom Wahlquist on Jun 12, 2018 at 12:47 PM in ERP

New eBook Makes Inventory Optimization Easy

Everyone knows that today’s distribution and logistics industry can be hard to succeed in. This isn’t simply because distribution giants like Amazon are creating unrealistic customer expectations such as two-day (or same day!) shipping with 100% accuracy at all times… or because supply chains are getting longer and harder to manage. One of the top challenges is also the distribution industry’s greatest opportunity: the eCommerce landscape. 

After all, both you and your customers know that if you experience a stock-out, your customer is likely to locate and source goods from your competitorbecause the competition is only a click away. This can be a disaster for business. 

Luckily, there is a way to ensure better inventory management, get your entire company on board with inventory best practices, and even increase the accuracy of your forecasting activities. Learn more with this in-depth inventory eBook

What Is Inventory Optimization & How Does It Help?

In a nutshell, inventory optimization consists of striking the right balance with your stock levels. When you’re in balance, you have enough stock to supply demand, but not so much stock that you’re wasting hard-earned cash on warehousing, insurance, shrinkage protections, depreciation, and asset taxation. 

With the right inventory system, your warehouse will gain true visibility into your supply and demand patterns and you’ll save time and money by eliminating time-consuming forecasting methods or unnecessary manual processes. 

Learn how to set up your inventory practices for success in the all-new eBook, “Inventory Optimization and the Informed Business.”

In the eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Top inventory optimization methods of best-in-class companies
  • The true affordability of today’s leading inventory systems, as well as their speed of implementation
  • Where your current system is falling short (and how you can fix that with ease)
  • Why you can’t seem to keep your stock levels consistent
  • How each department in your company views inventory objectives

In addition, you’ll learn why you constantly seem to spend each day involved in firefighting activities. You’ll also find out the top inventory management myththat keeps today’s small distribution businesses constantly struggling to keep up with their larger competitors. 


To learn more, download the eBook “Inventory Optimization and the Informed Business,” so you can start tackling your inventory challenges immediately. 

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