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Discover the Technology Investment Patterns of High-Performing SMBs

By Tom Wahlquist on May 15, 2018 at 01:24 PM in ERP

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As a small or mid-size distribution company, one of your main concerns is your ability to actively compete against your larger rivals. Your business needs to continue to grow if you plan to stay competitive. How you invest in your company and what forms of technology investments you decide to pursue are decisions that can lead the way toward your company’s future success. 

However, success isn’t guaranteed. 

Trying to ensure the growth of your SMB in today’s competitive, fast-paced distribution business world has been a difficult task for a long time. High demand mixed with the lightning-fast speed of the modern business landscape can frequently leave small distribution companies scrambling to keep up with their larger counterparts. 

But some companies know how to stay ahead of the curve by investing intelligently in their business technology solutions. 

Learn about the trends for business tech in the distribution world when you read today’s article. 

What Are Your Technology Investment Options?

Savvy distribution companies, like yours, know about the many challenges in today’s business world. With the right tech and the right mindset, your business can continue to make investments that help you overcome your challenges while continuously planning for your future.

Since so much of the business world is dependent on modern technology, figuring out which areas of technology to invest in can be incredibly challenging. Of course, adapting to any technological advance can bring its own advantages (and challenges), but the key to tech success lies in figuring out the best option for your company at its current stage of growth and development. 

Would your business benefit from mobile technology designed to make sales and customer service more efficient? Is it currently more important to integrate your new technology with your legacy system so you have a single view of the business? Only you can tell… but luckily, now you can get help determining your needs with a recent study from IDG

Technology Investments Are the Key to Distribution Success

According to the IDG report, 78% of surveyed distribution companies made a technology investment in the past two years to improve business insight and help drive their decision making. 100% of those companies saw improvements as a result of their investment.

In addition, over the past two years only 45% of businesses surveyed made a technology investment that would improve their supply chain visibility and collaboration, but their results speak for themselves: 70% of those same businesses plan on making this investment again in the next two years.

If you’re looking to better understand your technology investment options and their possible outcomes, the IDG white paper can help. 

See What’s Best for Your Company

The decisions you make for your business’s future are never clear and they are seldom simple. However, when you know the facts behind technology investments for SMBs, you too can choose the solutions that will make an impact on your business – now, and in years to come. 


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“Our business is so much more accurate and efficient now. That automation has reduced our fulfillment expenses by 50% and cut customer service costs in half. Plus we’re getting products into the hands of our customers much more quickly which is great for customer satisfaction.”
Chris Kolodziejski (Owner)